Winter Solstice Win by Jan Becker 6th class

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I entered an art competition called Newgrange Winter Solstice 2012. The prize was for six people and parent/guardian to see the winter solstice this year inside the passage grave at Newgrange. Our class was doing an art and heritage programme. An artist called Mary Wallace came to work with us too. Ms. Brady chose Newgrange as the theme for our programme so we could enter our work into the Winter Solstice competition if we wanted to. The programme lasted for five weeks. I entered a picture that used wool and paint and it was done on cardboard. It took one week to plan and four weeks to complete. My picture had a sun in the bottom left corner, which is painted a fiery orange. The sun has a triple spiral in it, like the ones on the stones at Newgrange. There are three rays coming from the sun. The middle ray is filled in with orange and yellow wool. The wool is stuck onto the card board with P.V.A glue. The middle ray leads to Newgrange. The other two rays are normal rays that are a lighter orange. The ray to the left has a chevron and diamond. The right ray has a standing stone with a spiral on it. Outside the outer rays is the sky. A green border is around the picture to make it stand out. I put my details on the back and sent it off.

On the 26/11/12 Miss Rossiter (our principal) came into my classroom and said that somebody’s mother called her and said that their child was one of the six to be chosen to go to Newgrange. When Miss Rossiter said my name I was shocked and I am still shocked. On the 28/11/12 I received a letter from the O.P.W. It told me I had to contact them before the fifth of December if I wanted to take my place in Newgrange. It also said that I will be having breakfast with Brian Hayes, TD after the solstice. He signed the letter. My dad contacted a person’s number that was given on the letter. She told my dad that only twenty people can go in every year and that thirty thousand people entered the competition. There is a waiting list of eight hundred thousand people who want to get into Newgrange for the Winter Solstice. I have to be at Brú na Broinne Visitor Centre in Meath at 8am and I will get a bus to Newgrange. The solstice is at 8:58 am. After the solstice I will get my picture returned to me framed. I will then go back to get breakfast.

Jan Becker, 6th Class.