Policy on Splitting Classes

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Policy on Splitting Classes


In the interest of providing the best education for all students, it is be necessary to divide a class grade into mixed classes, which are smaller in size and offer a better pupil-teacher ratio – for example a First Class Grade split between Senior Infants and Second Class grades. The policy has been drawn up to provide a framework for such an event.

When splitting a class grade, parents should be assured that the children will follow the same curriculum, use the same learning materials and have the same learning opportunities. Children from the split class will also play together in the yard.


2. Framework for the splitting of classes

At the time of planning the classes for the coming year, the Principal will look at the following;

  • Overall numbers in each year group and the number of teachers available to teach them.
  • S/he will decide how best to organise classes with a view to providing the best educational opportunities and pupil-teacher ratio for all children.


3. Criteria for placing children in particular groups

When dividing a class grade into separate groups, to be placed in separate classes, certain criteria will be taken into consideration:


  • Teacher(s) input
  • Maintaining mixed-ability groups
  • Special educational needs
  • Class dynamics: emotional, behavioural, social and gender.
  • Maturity factors
  • Classroom accommodation

4. The allocation of teachers to mixed classes


It is the duty of the Principal as per Circular 16/73 to assign teaching duties. The Principal’s decision on the matter of class allocation is final; children swopping class will not be permitted.