Cummins Stadium

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In September I measured Horeswood GAA pitch with a trundle wheel.I used a scale

of  150:1.

I cut a sheet of ply wood 150cm by 90cm. I marked out the perimeter of the pitch,

 car park and the squares. I mixed green paint and saw dust for the grass.  I made two stands at home out of tongued  and grooved timber. I made goals and ball stoppers out of dowels and put on

nets. After that we put the score board on the terrace side. The RTE  box is on the stand

behind the goal. Along the terrace side there is advertising. Around the stadium we

put high walls up.Finally we put up flood lights with help from Emmet , Myles and

Sean. A battery in a power house  powerd the lights.

Patrick Cummins 6th class