Hedge Schools in Horeswood

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Hedge Schools In Horeswood

Parish Townland Master/MistressReligion of Master or MistressFree or Pay SchoolTotal annual income of TeacherDescription of school and its costProtestants Catholics MaleFemale
BallybrazilBallybrazilGregory LaffanR.C.Pay£5-held in a cow shed without a window. Cost:£4-402416
DunbrodyBallyveligThomas CullenR.C.Pay£18-10s-a borrowed store house-17511362
KilleskKilleskPatrick RonanR.C.Pay£15-a poor cabin. Cost :£5-806020
KilmokeaFisherstownPatrick BurgessR.C.Pay£25-stone and clay. Cost :£55805822
KilmokeaHoreswood (Horestown)Thomas FinnR.C.Pay£25-mud and stone. Cost: £7-874740
KilmokeaPriesthaggardJames HarrisR.C.Pay£25-stone and clay. thatched Cost :£51553619
WhitechurchWhitechurchHilary Webb

Mary Webb
ProtestantPay£3 and 1/1 to 1/8 per quarter from pupils-a thatched stone house stands on the Glebe land and kept in repair by the Parish.Cost:about £10619187
WhitechurchStokestownMorton Fitzgerald

Honora Fitzgerald

PayThe interest of £1,600 bequeathed by Mrs. Paul and 1s a month by children-a very good slated house. Cost : £50010302812
WhitechurchOldcourtMartin O’HanlonR.C.Pay£25-a thatched cabin . Cost :£5--11696